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Last Updated Aug. 16, 2016




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Customer Service Statement : Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities

Soo Curlers Association

124 Anita Blvd

Sault Ste Marie

Ontario, Canada

P6B 4P9


1. Our Objective:

The objective of the Soo Curlers Association is: to provide and promote the sport/recreation of curling and to provide the environment and facilities for its members and guests to enjoy all aspects of the curling game both competitively and socially with no barriers.


2. Our Commitment:

The Soo Curlers Association recognizes and respects the right to dignity and independence of people with disabilities and we strive to meet the needs of all patrons as we provide our services. We believe that we should provide equal opportunity to the disabled community as we do to all other patrons and members of our community.


3. Provision of Goods and Services:

The Soo Curlers Association is committed to provide our services with excellence as we carry out our daily business in the operation of our club and restaurant facilities. To ensure the needs of the disabled community are being met we will:

3.a Train staff that interact with people with a varied type of disabilities in proper and appropriate communication skills that clearly take into account the nature of the disability.

3.b We recognize patrons need fully accessible telephone services. We will ensure that staff communicates in telephone conversations in clear concise language with clarity and patience. We offer alternative means to communicate, such as but not limited to; email, regular mail, fax, notepads.

3.c Soo Curlers Staff will be trained in the use of Assistive Devices that may aid the delivery of goods and services to our patrons. We will provide on site, for the benefit of our patrons the following: printed handouts, communication boards, website, email, magnifiers.


4. Information Items:

Bills, invoices, newsletters, notices, and schedules will be available in larger hard copy print format upon request. Information on posted notices will delivered orally in person, by phone or email.


5. Support Persons or Service Animal Usage:

Soo Curlers welcomes all patrons with disabilities that may be accompanied by a personal aid or may have a service animal to the public areas of our building; i.e. lobby, viewing areas, restaurant, bar, etc. The ice surface area is excepted. Staff will be trained to ensure proper protocol when dealing with service animals. Disabled patrons accompanied by a support person are welcomed as is the support person. The support person shall have complete access to Soo Curlers in the accompaniment of the disabled patron. Support persons will not be assessed a fee for admission to the building.


6. Notice of Service Disruption:

Soo Curlers will provide patrons with notice in the event of a disruption of our services whether planned or unexpected. Notices maybe posted as hard copy posters at the entrances, email notices, website postings and in some cases by telephone calls. Information will include reasons for interruption, duration and any alternate provisions.


7. Staff training:

Soo Curlers will provide training to all staff volunteers and others that deal with the public or others on their behalf. Training will be provided to managers, receptionists, bar and kitchen staff and instructors. New employees will be trained upon their acquiring employment. Current staff will be trained while on the job. Training will include:

  • The reasons for The Disabilities Act 2005 as well as the requirements of the act.
  • How to interact and communicate with people having disabilities.
  • How to use various aids that are available to improve the delivery of our goods and services to disabled people.
  • How to deal with a disabled person experiencing difficulty accessing the Soo Curlers Association building, goods or services.
  • Staff will be trained and expected to comply with all policies, practices, and procedures as outlined by in The Disabilities Act and expected Club Policy .

    8. Feedback:

    It is the expectation that every patron that enters and uses our facility at the Soo Curlers Association be afforded the utmost of customer/member services. We hope to surpass minimal expectations and exceed customer expectations. We welcome any feedback with regards to our service delivery. Feedback re: our services can be made: by email (, by letter (address below), by phone (705-254-6174), by fax (705-254-1467) or verbally. Any negative feedback will be dealt with by management or the Board of Directors. Patrons should get a response to their feedback within 5 business days of filing the complaint.


    Attention: Feedback-Re:Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities

    Soo Curlers Association

    124 Anita Boulevard

    Sault Ste. Marie

    Ontario, Canada

    P6B 4P9


    Tel: 705-254-6174

    Fax: 705-254-1467


    Community First Curling Centre
    124 Anita Boulevard
    Sault Ste. Marie
    Ontario, Canada

    P6B 4P9

    Tel: (705) 254-6174
    Fax: (705) 254-1467


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