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News  2016-17

Last Updated Oct. 05, 2016






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Northern Ontario Curling Clubs

Sept. 1, 2016:

The Soo Curlers Association Board of Directors welcomes you to 2016-17 curling season. Exciting things are happening to initiate a great sporting atmosphere. You are invited to get involved. Make it fun. Introduce new members to our game. Participate in our clubs activities. Volunteer! Together we can ensure a great season for all and help Soo Curlers and the sport of curling to thrive.

On Saturday, September 17th we are hosting a concert to celebrate 50 years in our building on Anita Blvd.  Admission is $10/person for the concert, doors open at 5pm for a pasta/meatball dinner (cost $10/plate sold separately). Live entertainment commences at 8pm with music by two great local bands, Midlife Crysis and Summer Thunder. Get your dancing shoes on and come enjoy some classic and country rock! All proceeds raised from this concert will go toward the initial step of making our building wheelchair accessible. Pay your membership on or before this date and receive free admission to the concert - we’re open Monday to Friday

10:00 am - 2:00 pm to purchase tickets and/or pay your membership - Please come out and support!

NEW MEMBER RATE - $325 (applicable to those who took 1 or more years off - includes a $25 gift certificate for use at CFCC.)

MEMBER INCENTIVE PROGRAM -for every new curler a member brings in, that member will receive $50 CFCC dollars to use toward membership, restaurant, bar or pro shop - e.g. bring in 3 new curlers and receive $150 off your membership this coming season.

ADULT LEARN TO CURL PROGRAM - new 8 week program for only $100, which includes a bonspiel at the end of 8 weeks - additional $175 is due after 8 weeks for those wishing to remain in Learn To Curl or join a league for remainder of the year.

If you have any questions please give us a call 705-254-6174 or drop by the club Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.




Soo Curlers Newsletter September 15th, 2013


Wow, the ice looks great.

1.     Tuesday is the cut off date for the Curl & Golf event. We still need teams. Please enter. Good food - good times.  There will be a Live Band in the lounge Saturday evening Sept.2nd.  Bring your friends up to try curling and then enjoy the entertainment.

2.     Practice Times – 4 Sheets ready for Monday & Tuesday, all Sheets ready for Wednesday.  Afternoons 1-4, Evenings 7-9.

3.     Please get your Team signed up ASAP, it can be done on line or at the club.  Leagues will start the week of September 30th

4.     Memberships can be paid at the office Monday through Friday until 3 pm or from 7 to 9 pm.

5.     The Business of Curling will be held in Blind River Sept. 28th, we need members to sign up to learn how to promote curling and our club.

6.     Friday Night Fish Fry has started, make your reservations early.

7.     Adult “Learn to Curl’ will start Oct. 9th at 6:30, come and give it a try.

8.     Youth “Learn to Curl”  registration Sept. 27th.  This program is looking for volunteers to help, a good way for High School Curlers to earn their volunteer hours.

9.     The Saturday Morning Mercantile League is looking for a convenor.  Someone to make the draws and record game results.

10.   The Pro Shop will open soon with new arrivals daily.




From Peter Zultek:

Another Season Is Upon Us


1. Starting Sept 16, 1-4 pm and 7-9 pm  office staff will be available to take fee payments. Please sign up your team on the BB outside the office so we will know who is fielding a team and who is playing.  Convenors will be making draw schedules based on team sign ups..

2.  The High School League is Looking for a Convenor for 2013- 2014...Ideally a retired teacher... but if you can help.. please let us know.

3. We need bodies to man a table at the Station Mall. We are undertaking a club promotion and displaying the Brier Tankard to generate interest in the club.

4. Learn to Curl for Adults will begin Oct 9. we need  members to come out and help with the initial instruction phase. There seems to be strong interest in new people coming to join our club. We need to welcome them and help them develop the basics of the game. 

5. Again, we need people to participate in The Business of Curling Seminar September 28th.  Please contact the club to get involved in the venture.

6. We bring in kids from the elementary schools every Friday morning. Kids are our future. We need volunteers to help with their instruction as well. We could also use help with the Elementary programs as well after school.

7. The Monday after School League Youth Learn to Curl also needs volunteers to help get the League up and going.

8. The Golf & Curl Bonspiel is coming Sept 20th  & 21st. Be sure to get a team together for some curling/golfing fun.

9. The Saturday morning Mercantile League also needs a convenor. Someone to make the draws and keep the game results.  This could be you.

10. The above points all have a common denominator.. VOLUNTEERS.... The future of our club depends on attracting and welcoming new bodies into the building in into our leagues. Please think about getting involved in some way. The club cannot run itself.

11. On a personal note.... I have tendered my resignation from the Board of Directors as of our meeting. Sept 4 2013. It is with regret that I have done so after having being on the Board 9 or 10 years now. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work on behalf of the members of Soo Curlers. I have eaten, lived and breathed the club all this time. I believe that I can no longer devote the time or energy necessary to do a 1st rate job as a Director of the Club. My new circumstances, now living on St Joe's Island and commuting, do not allow me the opportunity to devote the time to be in the building daily as I previously was. I still intend to serve Soo Curlers and its members in whatever capacity I can.. maintenance, newsletters, emails, programs, computer support, tickets, etc. whenever I am in the city. I plan on remaining a member and curling 2 days a week in the Classic League. People that have asked me questions by email have had their queries forwarded to the appropriate person for consideration.
I have served the club and am better for it. Please, members, think about how you can serve your club... we need help on the Board, and as mentioned above, within our Leagues.

To all of the people that have served as League Convenors, or have volunteered on the ice or with the youth, To all those that have been on the Board or on the accessibility committee. To those that have organized bonspiels or served  on Special committees. I say a heartfelt thank you... without you, these events could not happen. With you they were exemplary.

I also need to express my appreciation to Ian. His devotion to Soo Curlers surpasses it just being "his job". Ian works far above and beyond his basic job description. Soo Curlers is fortunate to have Ian as manager, Ice maker, and guardian.  I also must express my gratitude to Kathy and the kitchen staff. Their efforts to ensure the success of the Fish Fry Fridays and to provide great food a reasonable prices have been significant in the success of the club.

To all the other staff... bar, office, cleaning, ice.... thank you very much ... you are the best.  And I cannot overlook Sandra...she worked twice as many hours as she was paid for...  and now is working almost as many hours and not being paid... I appreciate every moment we worked together... you are what make the place run like a well oiled machine. And Grant... you have saved the club thousands in maintenance and repair costs... on behalf the members.. than you.

So much for the mushy stuff ....   get ready to start curling.. dust of those shoes and brooms and we will see you at the club soon.

To the members... thanks... for being one... for supporting the bar and kitchen, for participating in our events and leagues... for paying you fees early.. 

To Team Jacobs...  thanks for the best Sports viewing on TV in a long long time.... How about another Brier victory again this year?

More information will follow: The Semi Annual Meeting  will be determined by the new Board and your new President.  Watch for that coming soon.



SKIPS at Soo Curlers

League play will begin Oct 9

Please make the jobs of our Convenors a little easier...

Convenors need to have draws in place for the first day of play.
Please make sure that your team is included on the Team Lists posted in the Lobby of the Club,  or at least inform the club by email ( ) of your intention to field a team.

We currently know about 8-9 teams for the Tues/Thurs leagues.
Making the Draw is an onerous task, especially if we don't know all of the teams to include.


Could the Convenor of the Wed. Business Ladies League send me confirmation, Peter Zultek: This is the only league I don't have a name for the Convenor's position.


Deadline for fee discount is Oct 1.


Soo Curlers Association
Sept 21 Report

From Peter Zultek:
A Note to the Members
We are trying to keep our members up to date on the events taking place at the club. I am trying this new Newsletter Format. There may be a few bugs to work out, but hopefully as I learn the program, all will go smoothly. Hope you enjoy the format and are apprised of what is taking place at Soo Curlers.

In my last email, I asked for an indication from the people on my email address list for feed back as to their members status for the coming season. To those that have responded, Thank you.
Please take a moment to send your response if you have not yet done so.

-I am curling this year, leave me on your list.
-I am not curling this year, but leave me on your list anyways.
-I am not curling this year, Take me off your list.

The Future
We must address the need to make our building Handicapped accessible. This will be discussed at the Semi Annual Meeting. Since this is a very large Capital Project, I encourage you to attend the meeting and offer your input. This is a government mandate and does affect the future viability of Soo Curlers. Your direction and guidance as stakeholders in the future of the club is vital.

NEW League
We are trying to create a new Saturday morning league to replace the current Mercantile League. We have sent out 1000 flyers to businesses across the city in an attempt to stir a little interest and keep our ice active on weekends. We have also done some advertising in the luncheon weekly newspapers and are currently dealing on some radio spots on Q104.
Our best advertising , however, is word of mouth. If you have a group in your workplace that would like to curl recreationally on Saturdays, please promote the idea or get a poster from us that you can post on a bulletin board.

All fees are due by Oct 1st to qualify for the Pre-season discount. The office is open for fee collection Mon - Friday  8 am - 4 pm.  

Have a business? Want great advertising exposure?
You can have your business displayed in our new opportunity. The complete set of rings custom made with your Company information enbedded in the rings.
Must be ordered soon so they can be manufactured by ice installation time.  Three sold already. For more Info.. call Ian at 254-6174.


Upcoming Events

 Today  is SEPT


Ice plant will be  fired up the week before Thanksgiving

Curling should commence Oct 9.

Semi Annual meeting..  Wed Sept 26   7 pm

3rd Annual Lobsterfest .. Date TBA





The Fish Fries are back in full swing, and are again very popular.
Come out , enjoy an eveing with family or friends.

Just $14.49


Welcome All Cafe

Open daily for breakfasts and lunches.







Greetings Fellow Members:

It’s August  and time for us at Soo Curlers to gear up for another fast approaching 2012-13 curling season.


I want to start this letter with a huge thank you to Eric Kirby, Linda MacDonald and Sandra Randa for their past service to Soo Curlers as Board Directors. Since they have stepped down, we realize that we have some big shoes to fill as we move forward this season.


Your Board of Directors for 2012 - 2013 consists of:

Peter Zultek, Jon MacDonald, Rob Brewer, Shelly McPhee, Greg McLellan and Mike Szczepaniak Please feel free to address any questions or concerns to any one of these Directors.


Soo Curlers is a member-owned “CLUB”. We are a not-for-profit club with a single goal in mind. We want to provide the best possible Curling facility and experience for the most reasonable cost. But, we must run this club as a business if we are to survive the current economic times.  All members have a stake in the goal that we have. We need all of our members to contribute to our financial security.


Financially, we rely on membership fees, bar and kitchen revenues . Our Pro Shop, Bonspiels and ice rentals supplement our income We try to keep the prices of our services low, but we need our members to support our efforts.  Early payment of fees  helps us dramatically, as we operate over the summer on a line-of-credit. Yes, we carry a financial burden throughout the summer too.


Members, perhaps you can convince a past member to rejoin and play on your team, or get a friend or family member interested in trying our game.  We would like to get a new weekend league established to optimize the use of our building. Perhaps, where you work you could get a team together for a Sat or Sun afternoon league.


The new fee structure can be found here: 2012-13 Fees


We have debated the fees at length and, like you, are facing inflationary increases in costs, e.g. the Smart Meter impact and rising wages. We still believe we offer great value for the cost.   To encourage early payment, we are offering a $20 discount on our fee schedule if your fees are paid in full by Oct 1 2012. All fees must be paid by Oct 31 2012.


You can help reduce our costs by paying your fees by cheque, cash or debit card. Credit cards are accepted, but we incur a much higher bank charge on credit transactions.  Payment of fees can be made at the club beginning Sept 4th. Monday to Friday from 12 noon – 4 pm.  You may also drop a cheque in the mail slot at the front door.  The mailing address is 124 Anita Blvd. Sault Ste Marie ON P6B 4P9


You will also find attached application forms for this season found here: Registration Forms.  Please fill them in completely. Your 1 minute of time will save us hours. Addresses, phone numbers, email and even names change. Do not assume we know your information. We need to know when you curl and who you curl with. If you receive this and will no longer be curling, please inform us.


The Semi Annual Meeting will be Wed. Sept. 26 at 7 pm. We will be presented with an audit of our financial position. We would like to see as many members as possible. This is your chance to offer your input or ask your questions.

 We are currently short 1 person on our Board of Directors. If you have an interest in getting involved at the Board level please step forward. We welcome your input and enthusiasm.


Our leagues are as good as the people that run them. They do not just happen. We need to know who is going to be the League Convener for each League. Please submit your name if you are, or desire to be, the League Convener for the League in which you play.  League Conveners are responsible for the Draw Schedule as well as any Prizes or Special Events for their League.


You will also, find a form attached to list your team members for your League found here:  2012-13 League Forms.  This will allow for Draws to be made and new members to be placed on teams that may need a player(s).  We see many changes every year and cannot assume that what was in place last season is the same this season.  All team forms will be posted and made available on the club website and can be forwarded to or dropped off at the club.


This year we will be focusing our efforts on making our Club accessible to the disabled.  All buildings must be accessible by 2020. This is necessary, so we need to get started as this would mean a major alteration of our building. There are currently grant monies  available for such projects that we need to investigate and pursue. We would like to partner with the local disabled community to ensure that their needs are met adequately to provide access for  all… spectators, patrons and participants. This is  a major undertaking.


We also face a number of surprises each year .. our building is aging and repairs and maintenance costs are rising,  Our Capital expenditure fund has saved us in the past, but needs to grow for a future contingency. This is a must., so we have added $5 to the capital expenditure fund.  The foresight of the past board saw huge benefits from some expenditures.. the arena lighting, the air conditioning, the Fish Fry, and others.


In closing, I ask you to keep Soo Curlers in mind. Having a wedding or stag, we can do it. Meetings , birthdays, staff parties,. Taking the family out to dinner. Or some friends meeting for a Saturday afternoon beer. We appreciate and need your business.


Remember, the Semi Annual Meeting,  chat up your friends and colleagues about the Great Game of Curling at your club.


Enjoy the remainder of your summer. We’ll see you in the fall.... The kitchen will re-open Sept 4th for Breakfast and Lunches. The Fish Fry starts up again   Sept 7... Book your reservation early and bring a friend.


Peter Zultek and the Board of Directors at Soo Curlers








The 2011-2012 curling season is fast approaching and it is time to send out the usual fee schedules, application forms, welcome letter and information of use to you.


Most people read this letter to see what the fee schedule for this season will be.   If I put it first they will not read the rest and they will look to the end if it does not come first.  To this end the information on fees is buried in the text.  Read on!


As it was last year, the interest on savings is almost zero and the club has exhausted its funds from last year, so fees paid early save the club having to go to its line of credit. Please consider early payment as opposed to the last minute.  The members have been very co-operative using debit instead of credit cards.  Our costs are considerably lower when the fees for these payment methods are compared.  Again, please help out.


Attached will be the applications for this year.  Please complete all paper work in FULL. Yes, you were on the same team on the same night last year but the league co-coordinators and Sandra Ferguson in the office do not have photographic memories, the paper work is essential to set up the organization of the leagues.  Email addresses  often change for some of us so please update these accurately.  Using email can save the club $.59 x 500 or about $300.   Every savings helps.


At the upcoming semi-annual meeting the audit for last year will be presented.  The club was successful last year and this will allow for the fees to be held at last year’s level “IF YOUR FEES ARE PAID” before October 1, 2011.  After September 30, 2011 at 11:59 pm all fee categories will increase by about $20.00.  You can pay in person at the club starting Sept. 19th, Monday to Friday  1 to 5 pm.   Also a cheque can be left in the mail slot at the club 24 hours a day anytime between now and Oct. 1 to get the discount.


Dusty Jakomait has been added to the board and will be responsible for bonspiel participation, so  if you have an idea for a spiel contact Dusty.  This area has unfortunately declined over the past few years.  Some have suggested that curlers are “getting too old to spiel like we did”.  I can not imagine that.


We have some super events coming this year, including a Grand Slam Event at the Essar Centre, which will include the Brad Jacobs Team, November 2nd to the 6th.   Also, the “2012 Men’s Northern Ontario Provincial Playdowns”  February 6th to the 12th, are being hosted at our club.  Both will require volunteers and committees are already in place for these events.  Contact the club for more information if you are interested.


You will notice upgrades have been happening at the club.  First, a new roof on the clubhouse was completed in May.  Secondly, all of the fixtures over the ice and the 10 kg of dirt that each held will be replaced.   Our quote indicates that savings will recover the entire cost in about four years.  After the lighting is installed, the ice cameras will be reset so that they are all the same.  The third is the installation of two air conditioning units, one at each end of the lounge area.  It is hoped that this will allow the club to be used for social events all year long. The facility is virtually dead from June to September and the air conditioning will allow us to use the lounge area during the summer.  Speaking of that, Saturday night and Sunday are very slow times all year.  The club is an excellent facility for Christmas parties, stags, and parties.  Members do not pay rent for the club when we look after the bar etc.  We (Kathy) are very approachable and helpful setting up events.  Take advantage of this opportunity.


The best Friday Night Fish Fry in the Sault will start again in September, the date to be announced soon.  If you have not tried it yet, you are definitely missing out.


The club needs a dedicated board working with the staff to be successful.  In April 2012, at the second semi-annual meeting of this season new board members will be required.  You have until then to decide if you could be a contributing member of the board.

As always you have my email for comments and suggestions


Good Curling.


Eric Kirby

President Soo Curlers Assoc.






The 2010-2011 curling season is fast approaching and it is time to send out the usual fee schedules, application forms, welcome letter and information of use to you.


First there is/was something good about the HST.  As a result of members paying before the deadline for this season, the club has been able to avoid using the line of credit for the first time in a while to cover summer expenses.  Remember our financial year is April to April but funds normally do not start to roll in until the fall.  In the past we have used our line of credit over the summer.  This year we saved the interest that we would have paid in the past.


The NOCA fee has increased by $3 since we set the rates for this season.  Those who have paid their fees will avoid this increase.  Those paying fees in the fall will have the $3 increase added to the published rates for this year.  Please pay your fees as soon as possible.  Very little interest is earned by investing your fees for the month of September and having cash on hand really helps the club set up.


Please complete all paper work in FULL.  Yes you were on the same team on the same night last year but the league co-coordinators and Sandra Ferguson in the office do not have photographic memories and the paper work is essential to set up the organization of the leagues.  Last year the Monday night schedule was recast three times to fix up the schedule as teams who thought they were in were added.


Not much has changed around the club over the summer.  Rob Brewer has been added to the board so that the men’s league has a representative on the board.  We will be installing an ATM machine in the fall for those who may wish to use it.  The club is pursuing several major events over the next few years but nothing is set as yet.


Remember that the club can be booked for special events such as birthday or Christmas parties.  There is no rental charge for members.


The Hoedown has been declining as far as revenue made for the club.  Members apparently did not feel this was a worth while venture as judged by their overall participation so the board has decided to cancel this event.  We are going to try something a little different after the season opens.  Watch for postings about this.


The first game of the season will be the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as it has been in the past. Watch for notices about practice ice times as this draws nearer.


Members, share your love of the game with your friends and relatives, invite them in.







Soo Curlers 2009-2010 Season


Please find enclosed your 2009-10 renewal notice for Soo Curlers.  Curling will start the Tuesday, October 13th, after Thanksgiving as usual. There will be a brief interruption to the season this year.  As you know the Tournament of Hearts will be in the Sault this year. At this time 450 people have volunteered to assist with this event.  During this event Soo Curlers will be made over into The Heart Stop Lounge. Buses will run from the Essar Centre to the club to bring curlers and fans to the lounge.  This will require a stoppage in play for about two weeks.  More details will be provided as the season progresses.


The work on the mezzanine floor was completed during the summer.  There is one less step so look down as you go upstairs until you are conditioned to the change.  This new flat area will provide additional table seating on this level.


There will be a flat increase of $20 across the board in all categories of fees.  On or before Sept 26th fees can be paid at the 2008 rate.  In addition fees paid on or before Sept 26th will entitle the curler to one free Hoedown ticket.  The big draw prize is provided by Garland again this year so bring your free ticket to the club during the Hoedown and get the opportunity for a free chance at the Garland Golf package.  Additionally, you could enjoy some good food and great entertainment.  Unlimited memberships will receive two free Hoedown tickets.  As a special bonus unlimited memberships purchased before the Hoedown will receive $20 in gift certificates to be used at the club.  Fees may be paid in person at the club starting September 8th,  Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. – Tuesday & Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.   You can drop a cheque through the mail slot anytime.  Fees can be paid until 10:00 pm at the Hoedown.     A note of interest, the previous year bank charges and interest were $5,787.00. Last year we asked that members not pay with CREDIT CARDS and the same costs were $3,612.00.  This is a savings to the club that costs individuals very little.  Keep up the good work.


The auditor’s report is in.  A full report will be given at the Semi-annual meeting on Sept 24th.  The club stayed in the black last year but overall sales were down.  With the changes to the “legal limit laws” the bar sales were significantly down.  The Board is always looking for ways to increase revenue and all suggestions would be appreciated. Membership participation in events like the Hoedown certainly help.  The Friday fish fry has been a tremendous success.  It is hard to believe but there are still members who have never tried it.  Member participation in Hoedowns, attending the Fish Fry and other events help to moderate our fee increases.


George Johnstone has volunteered to fill one of the vacant board positions.  There is still one available should you be willing to assist in this area.


Somehow summer has past us by so getting back on the ice will be welcomed.  From the Board welcome back and good curling.


Eric Kirby




Soo Curlers 2008-2009 Season

Welcome to the new curling season rapidly approaching our club.  

Work continues at the Club. Expected capital projects include acquiring new chairs for both sides of the lounge as the wooden ones are now resisting glue having been glued several times. Some have been removed from service as they were unsafe. A sliding wall to separate the two sides is being investigated which would allow for a better layout when renting part of the upstairs. The main compressor running the ice production is up for an overhaul which will run about $6 000

Quoting directly from last year’s letter:

“Fees have been set and we hope that everyone takes advantage of the opportunities to curl and support the club. Some fees have dropped and others although slightly higher offer more opportunities for the members to curl. It is hoped that we can build a capital fund to cover the unanticipated expenses that arise in a 40 yr old building. It also allows us to plan for the inevitable… new rocks… ours will need replacing, hopefully later than sooner, but we must plan now. They are a huge expense.”

Our fee structure this year is based on the last two years’ performance. Two years ago we were required to draw down $20 000 from reserves to cover costs for the year. Last year, the Juniors provided the club with additional income of almost $20 000. It is therefore reasonable to expect that we will require an extra $20 000 this year. Working on a membership of 500, this amounts to $40 per member for the upcoming year. This increase equates to giving up one Tim’s coffee and a donut each week of the curling season. If we do not incur any major capital expenses that we cannot cover from the capital expense fees, we project that next year we will not have to use our line of credit to get through the summer.

Rental fees will also increase which includes both the Friday night Forestry league and the Mercantile league. A new membership has been introduced on a trial basis for Classic Snowbirds. This will allow them to curl until Christmas. Pass this information on to anyone you may know who has retired from the game as they spend much of the winter in the south.

We have been asked to look at cutting costs. The first one that jumped out was credit card charges. We paid over $3 700 in credit card charges. Each payment is reduced by 2.0% as a service charge. This amounts to 8 unlimited memberships. There are alternatives that members can use a) pay by cheque which costs the membership nothing b) use a debit card as the fees are considerably cheaper or c) cash.

Please remember that setting the fees is the most difficult and time consuming task we face. It is complex due to the nature of our game. We require 4 players on a team at a time, we register individually, we play a varied number of days and games a week in a variety of leagues etc.

We need our fees to be fair, yet attractive.  Since we are Not For Profit we need our fees to carry our operation for the year. We must anticipate the unforeseen and meet it and we must provide the best possible Curling conditions for ALL who use the facility whether they play 1 game a week or 5 either recreationally or competitively.

We encourage you to please come in, mail in, or carrier pigeon in your fees ASAP.

Payment options include sending registration forms and cheques to Soo Curlers Assn. 124 Anita Blvd.  S.S. Marie, On P6B 4P9. Cheques can also be dropped in the mail slot at the club.

Payment in person can be made at the club the week of Sept 15th. Hours will be posted on the website and/or in Zee’s emails and on the front doors of the club in September. 

We are trying to avoid having to tap deeper into our line of credit to pay all the bills coming due very soon. To avoid interest charges on borrowing we can pay the bills from membership payments. That is why we need them paid.

We also want to avoid the situation of having to ask people individually to pay. Your membership fees are like any other bill. Please pay them on time. It is embarrassing for both the player and us and requires a lot of time to police what should be a non issue.

Watch the emails and check out our websites  and for events, specials from our kitchen or pro shop.. We can save you some $$$. Remember our kitchen can cater your functions up to 100 people: stags, Christmas parties, staff meetings etc.

Welcome new members... it is nice to see our roster growing with new names... we hope your membership at Soo Curlers is enjoyable and that you meet and make many new friends.  If you need help or advice in any area please don't hesitate to ask... our members are always happy to help. Do not forget about the HOEDOWN Sept 20, we need to pack the place. Purchase your tickets even if you can’t make it. All tickets are eligible for all the prizes including a Learn to Curl Membership ($199). As a member you can win the prize and use it as a great Christmas gift—just remember to give it early.

General membership meeting will be held Thursday, Sept 18 at 7:00 pm. We will have a 2007/2008 audit report and discuss future capital expenditures. This is your opportunity to discuss topics with the board members who work on your behalf keeping the club in a sound financial position and OPEN!!  Please get involved.

Currently the board is still short one member and is actively looking to fill this position. Interested individuals should make themselves known to a board member.

NOTE: We have to print and distribute over 250  hard copies of these letters to our members.

Happily we are sending these electronically to almost 400 recipients.

If you received a hard copy, we have no record of an email address for you.

If you have email and would like to receive the electronic updates, please forward your email address to

We can keep you better informed as well as reduce our printing / mailing costs.

Eric Kirby




Soo Curlers Association Receives $75,000 Grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Soo Curlers Association is pleased to accept this $75,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  This grant will enable our Club to upgrade our ice plant facility to provide our members with the best possible ice to enjoy the sport of curling.

Our thanks to Michel Bouffard and Bob Valade, two of our members, who devoted their time, to submit the application to the Trillium Foundation.



Presidents Newsletter to all Soo Curlers Association Members: 2005-04-19

It has been another exciting and busy year at Soo Curlers.  Firstly I would like to thank everyone associated with the Club for their effort this year.  Our ice staff, kitchen staff, bar staff, Ian and Angela, the directors and the volunteers who helped make the Club the best it can be.  Remember the Club is only as good as its members.  Please give some thought to volunteering next year.

Congratulations to those members who have represented our Club at Provincial or National events.  You have done us proud.  They include Al Harnden’s team at the Senior Nationals, Brad Jacob’s team at the Junior Nationals, Elayne Uhryn’s team at the Women’s Provincials, Dusty Jakomait’s team at the Mixed Provincials, Clint Cudmore’s team at OFSSA and Anne Harris as a member of Team Northern Ontario at the Women’s Senior Nationals.

We have applied to the Trillium Foundation to help us defray the cost of a new chiller.  Unfortunately, we were not aware of a deadline, therefore we will need to reapply for the fall.  Michel Bouffard and John Prgomet should be congratulated for putting together our application and are busy fine tuning our new application.  As well we will be applying to the CCA for a development fund to replace our furnaces.  We are presently working out the financial figures on both projects to estimate the cost to the Club.

Please have a look at the fee and payment structure included in your package.  We have provided you, our members, with several payment possibilities to help you pay your fees.  It is imperative that all fees be paid by the time we begin curling.  The Board has looked at streamlining the process and having a better accounting system.  We also need to increase our membership.  Our nighttime leagues, both men and women have dwindled in number.  Obviously that is reflected in our strong daytime program.  Help your Club be stronger.

There are three openings on the Board of Directors.  These are two year appointments.  Please consider letting your name stand for one of these positions.  The Board usually meets once a month.  A personal thank you to George Dunseath and Joanne Perry for their contributions to the Board.


You can look forward to once again seeing the best teams in curling as our Club will host the Horizon Capital Curling Classic Women's Cash Spiel in November.  This event will probably be the last major spiel before the Olympic qualifier.  The NOCT Tour is coming to Soo Curlers.  We have agreed to host an event this year.  We look forward to both these events.

We are in the process of working out the details to open our season with a Country Jamboree.  Thanks to John McClenaghan for this idea.  We hope to fill the rink.  Plans are still in the infancy stage but we intend to have a BBQ and dance.  Hopefully we can provide you with more information at the annual Meeting.  This event will take place on October 1st.

Andre Litalien, President

Community First Curling Centre
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Ontario, Canada

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